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Jeff Burton, splitx summit

Jeff Burton


Co-founder of Electronic Arts is a well know persona in tech circles. As a long-term serial entrepreneur he also co-founded a series of software companies.

He served as executive director at Skydeck Berkeley, UC Berkeley’s only cross-discipline startup accelerator. He is also a Strategic Advisor at BitDegree and Head of Global Programs at Startup Division by Civitta in Vilnius. He is also a member of the Board of Advisors for Startup Europe under the European Commission.

Jaroslav Beck


Jaroslav is a music composer from Czech Republic. He co-founded Beat Games, whose VR game Beat Saber became the 1st VR game to sell 1 million copies worldwide.

Beck also founded Epic Music Productions, a company focused on creating soundtracks for movie and gaming industry.

Jaroslav Beck, splitx summit
Ryan Wang, splitx summit

Ryan Wang


This VR/AR expert co-founded the first Silicon Valley’s venture capital fund connecting the Valley and China. Outpost Capital is focused on VR, AR and other new frontier technologies.

He started his career as an investment banker, following with a series of investments in VR, AR, artificial intelligence and drones. Also, he was a Venture Partner at CLI Ventrues.

Nancy Baker Cahill


Nancy is an artist who works at crossroads of new media, fine art and activism. She founded 4th Wall – a free AR public art platform.

Besides being a TEDx speaker, she received an “Impact Maker to Watch” award. Also, Nancy is an artist scholar in the Berggruen Institute’s inaugural 2020 “Transformations of the Human Fellowship”.

Nancy Baker Cahill, splitx summit
Jesse Damiani, splitx summit

Jesse Damiani


Jesse is a well-known public figure in the emerging technology scene. He is also an entrepreneur, curator, writer, and producer. He works in fields of technology, media, and art; and he collaborated with many tech giants.

He founded Best American Experimental Writing and Galeta-VR/AR project management and screenwriting tool.

Tony Parisi


A true VR pioneer, angel investor, and serial entrepreneur. He co-created 3D graphic standards, including VRML, X3D, and glTF, the new file format standard for 3D web and mobile applications.

This published author is one of the leading spokespersons in the “immersive industry”. He is currently Head of AR/VR Ad Innovation at Unity Technologies.

Tony Parisi, splitx summit
Dominic Eskofier, splitx summit

Dominic Eskofier


The single most influential European Virtual Reality specialist, ambassador, and enthusiast. Dominic is the ex-head of the European VR business for NVIDIA, and the present head of Europe at Eden. 

He also co-founded realities.io; EUVR; the largest community of VR experts on the Internet, and he started the Virtual Reality Germany meetup group.

Daniel Sproll


Daniel is co-founder and CXO of realities.io. Previously as a part of RE’FLEKT, he worked on a wide range of AR and VR projects.

He is a true scientist who researched human navigational behavior in VR. Also, he is experimenting with interactive, non-linear experiences in photogrammetric virtual reality.

Daniell Sproll, splitx summit
Sam Huber, splitx summit

Samuel Huber


Sam is the founder of Admix – a monetization and advertising platform available for AR and VR games. He’s based in London and San Francisco. He is the owner of VRFocus.com as well.

Sam is strongly in opposition to intrusive advertising. Also, he is a regular speaker at several conferences.

Alexander Haque


This Canadian entrepreneur and extended reality specialist lives in San Francisco. He is the founder of XRAA, Partnership Manager at Samsung NEXT, and co-organizer of XR Non-Gaming Meetup.

He calls himself a productive rebel, a title that perfectly describes his tireless mind.

Alexander Haque, splitx summit
Dan Burgar, splix summit vr/ar community

Dan Burgar


Dan is co-founder at Shape Immersive and the President of The Vancouver VR/AR Association. He scales VR/AR companies, incubates early-stage startups, promotes technology adoption, facilitates international trade, builds communities, and attracts foreign investments.

He is focused on working with companies to help them understand AR/VR and advance immersive technology.

Az Balabanian


Az is a Director of Photogrammetry at realities.io with a background in cognitive science.

Azad is a cinematographer and spatial photographer who is focused on photogrammetry capture and post-production workflows. Also, he is the host at the Research VR Podcast. 

Az Balabanian, splitx summit
Kim Baumann Larsen, splitx summit

Kim Baumann Larsen


This architect by training is co-founder of Digital Storytelling. Also, Kim is a co-founder of the Norwegian Society of Visual Effects and a founding advisory board member of CGSociety.org.

For the past five years, he has been developing VR for architecture, interactive AR games, and apps. He enjoys all aspects of digital storytelling and design.

Amir Bozorgzadeh


Amir is a tech writer, market researcher, and game publisher who is working at the intersection of social impact and frontier tech. He is a co-founder and CEO at Virtualeap.

Amir is also a frequent speaker at notable conferences.

Amir Bozorgzadeh, splitx summit
Maddie Callander, xr summit, splitx summit vr/ar community

Maddie Callander


She is an integral part of Boost VC’s team as a VP Accelerator & Portfolio. She previously held different marketing, sales, and other leading roles in various industries.

She is a Coalition Member for The Women in XR Fund, Chair of the Women in VR Showcase for the US National Committee for UN Women, and is focused on helping underrepresented founders to get to frontier tech.